Effective Business Governance for SMEs

Corporate governance has become a well-discussed and controversial topic among corporations, shareholders, and the general public. However, the debate over what constitutes “good governance” often lacks structure, making it difficult for shareholders and stakeholders alike to have a constructive discussion about how to improve corporate outcomes.

This two days training provides an introduction to the central concepts of corporate governance, which are developed in greater detail throughout each module. It provides answers to the questions:

  • What is corporate governance?
  • What are agency problems?
  • How prevalent are they?
  • Are there “best practices” in corporate governance?

The certificate course in Effective Business Governance for SMEs spent approximately 16 hours OR is offered a 2-day period. The course is based on a participatory, active learning approach, group discussions. An Action Guide, by Mr. Pech Bolen.  Participants will receive a Certificate of Participation upon successful completion of the course. The maximum number of participants is 20.

Shareholding structure


Corporate governance structure


Corporate governance policy and fiduciary duties

Corporate culture

Board management, roles and responsibilities shareholders and company


Values and impacts of good corporate governance to company leadership and business performance

Interaction between governance body and relevant stakeholders 

Board and corporate engineering for the benefit of corporate finance and competitiveness

Pech Bolen

Founder & Chairman & CEO of WEG Co.,Ltd

Mr. Pech Bolen has had 20 years’ experience.

  • Chairman and CEO of the Westline Education Group
  • Other Businesses: ECOINN Group,
  • Asia House Aides & 5ENG PR & Media
  • Board Member of Young Entrepreneurs Association of Cambodia
  • Board Member of Cambodian Investors’ Club
  • 2016 National President, JCI Cambodia
  • BNI Mentor Coordinator, CEO Chapter
  • Winning ASEAN-CHINA Young Entrepreneurs Award 2011, Vietnam
  • Overseas SME One Asia Award 2012, Singapore
Education: Bachelor of Education and Journalism,

Mr. Pech Bolen has impressive experience in human resource management. He started his management career at a very young age as a branch manager. From 1997 to 2008, Mr. Bolene managed more than 1,000 employees for one of the biggest educational institutes at that time. Now Mr. Bolen is a very successful entrepreneur, investor, and Chief Executive Officer. He’s currently the chairman and CEO of Westline Education Group, and an investor in Education, Media, Training and Research companies. He’s also a Board member of the Young Entrepreneurs Association of Cambodia.

He was awarded as an outstanding ASEAN-CHINA young entrepreneur 2011 and recently he was appointed as local president of JCI Cambodia, Phnom Penh Chapter.

Mr. Bolen has great team-building and motivational skills and an expert in staff capacity building. Both his management team and employees at WEG and other organizations where he leads are committed; self-managed and motivated to do their assignments.

Mr. Bolen has worked in the fields of management, organizational development, and human resource management for more than15 years. His areas of expertise are in strategic management, Supervisory Skills, motivation, organizational development, leading with emotional intelligence and leadership. He holds a bachelor's degree in Education, a Master's degree in Human Resource Management, and EMBA from the UK.

Upon the completion of this two-day training, participants are expected to:

  1. Define corporate governance.
  2. Set up and implement corporate governance.
  3. Build up business value with corporate governance.
  4. Increase sources of funding through proper business partnerships and other forms of investments.
  5. Growing the company to another level.
  • New Business Startup
  • Business Owner
  • Entrepreneur
  • Business Development Manager/Director
  • Founder and CEO

Course Detail

  • Trainer :Pech Bolen
  • Class Start :17 Oct 2020
  • Class End :18 Oct 2020
  • Seat Availble :20 Seats
  • Time : 08:00 - 05:00
  • Fee :190 $
  • Early Bird : 160 $
  • venue :EDI Training Room