First Aid, Fire Safety Management and Personal Safety Risks Mitigation Training

Do your employees know not to plug that cord in by the leaky faucet? And what about lifting heavy boxes? Do they know how to lift safely, and when an item requires extra lifting help to prevent a possible injury? Are they clear on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements? You can help protect your employees from injury and illness with training that increases safety and security awareness and promotes safe behaviors. There are so many workplace safety topics and areas to cover, it may be tough to know where to start. Keep in mind that while training is necessary for all organizations, each workplace is created differently and should focus on areas that pertain to its specified operations. What's essential for all businesses is uniform training, to steer employees toward compliance with industry regulations. Now, more so than ever before, a solid foundation of current and on-going safety training is needed to keep up with all of the changes while simultaneously keeping the workplace running as smoothly and safely as possible.

General understanding of topics of safety and security 

  • Mitigating risks of bag/phone snatches
  • Mitigating risks of robberies, theft, burglary  
  • Mitigating risks of various crimes, revenge, conflicts, etc. 
  • Increase self-defense knowledge and women’s safety
  • Mitigating risks when being in the middle of gun shootings  
  • Mitigating risks/dangers at the hand/grenade attacks 
  • How to respond to bomb threats (if the office is threatened by terrorists) 

Understand risks when being  near groups of protests or demonstrations 

  • Understand risks when being  near the armed guards or armed police stations 
  • How to mitigate unforeseen risks of the above


Understanding of general fire safety 

  • Understanding of fire equipment and how to install, maintenance these items. 
  • How to use Fire Extinguishers and function of Fire Extinguisher 
  • Risks of using Fire Extinguishers or other equipment 
  • Fire warden systems 
  • How to escape when there is fire, understand escape routes
  • Understanding and mitigating risks that cause a fire


Understand the risks of Road Traffic Accidents 

  • Helmets, seatbelts 
  • Speed limit 
  • Driving with good moral 
  • No drink drive
  • Vehicles/motorbikes regular checks
  • Knowledge of how to look for or rent a house or residence :
  1. Accessible road
  2. Nearby emergency services 
  3. Neighbors 
  4. Locations
  5. Building structures and conditions
  • The understanding danger of lightning 
  • How to mitigate risks of lightning attacks 
  1. Seek safe shelter
  2. Risks when being in the field 
  3. Risks when being in the water, swim, take a boat, etc. 
  4. Risks when being at home

 Understand the importance of this knowledge

  1.  Advice for each office should have First Aider available 
  2. Guide for where the course can be delivered  

Sai Kimky

Former Securtiy and Facilities Manager, WVI

His Work Experiences: 
1989- November 1991: 

  • Guest Service Officer and later on promoted as Front Office Duty Officer, Cambodiana Hotel.

November 1991 up to July 2012:
Working at the British Embassy Phnom Penh with following promotional titles as below: 

  • Management Assistant
  • Office Manager
  • Assistant to Management Officer 
  • Corporate Services Officer   & Post 
  • Security Officer 

August 2012 up to September 2017:
Working at the World Vision International Phnom Penh:
Position: Security and Facilities Manager 

His Education and Training: 
Mr. SAI Kimky
has attended much training related to security and safety.

  • Present: High School graduated in 1982
  • Bachelor in Management Skill 2000 – 2004 at National Institute of Management
  • Management Section Skill Course, London, UK 17-21 May 2004.
  • Performance Management Workshop 07 March 06 at British Embassy Phnom Penh. 
  • PRISM Buyer Workshop/training 01-04 Dec 05, in Singapore

It’s proven that companies and organizations that adhere to safety training often see a decrease in workplace injuries, incidents, and fatalities. That means fewer fines and lawsuits, along with less work time missed due to injuries. New employees are at a higher risk of being involved in a job-related accident. It is estimated that most accidents occur within an employee's first six months on a new job. This is mainly because new employees are not fully aware of the hazards in their new work environment. This course covers seven of the most important safety and security orientation training courses to get your new employees up to speed, and for you to do your part in assuring workplace health and safety.

Admin and HR and Anyone who work in related to Fire Safety Management, First Aid, Security and Safety at Workplace 

Course Detail

  • Trainer :Sai Kimky
  • Class Start :24 Oct 2020
  • Class End :24 Oct 2020
  • Seat Availble :30 Seats
  • Time : 08:00 - 05:00
  • Fee :245 $
  • Early Bird : 195 $
  • venue :Hote